Business in Gloucester roadmap

Gloucester has a wealth of services designed to help you start and thrive in our bustling market city.....

Below, there are different options to help you moved forward with your business, from simple guidance to contract law and business rates....

1. Business Advice

If you are already a business owner or are looking to start a new business,  then Gloucester can provide advice for all your business needs. 

3. Property

Choosing a the right property of you business can be needlessly complicated. We have broken it down so that you can choose one that best suits your needs.

2. Funding Opportunities

Whether you are looking for funding to take your business to the next level or grants to help decarbonise your business, this is the place to look.

4. Business Rates

Almost all businesses with a property are subject to business rates. Click here for all the information of business rates in Gloucester

5. Going Green

The future for us all is learning how to reduce emissions and work towards the net zero goals that will lead to more sustainable growth. Click here to find out how you can achieve this. 

6. Innovation

Nestled in the centre of the county of Gloucestershire, fantastic local access offers the ideal balance between urban services and natural beauty.

7. Working with the Council

The knowledge of a host of partners within the City can be drawn upon to ensure the investment you bring to Gloucester has the maximum impact.

8. Skills

Alongside a focus on present activities, our education providers are busy creating the professionals of Gloucester’s future through an extensive network of primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions.

8. Business Events

A series of events that might prove useful to your business

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Kings Square open